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gameBlender - Getting Rid of the Pink!
gameBlender - Animated UV Texturing
Blender Tutorial Index
gameBlender - Opening Doors
gameBlender 3rd Person Camera Basics
Another Blender Contest from tHe-IcemAn
Blender: tutorial: Controlling a Dynamic Object
gameBlender - Opening Doors
gameBlender 3rd Person Camera Basics
Blender: discussion
Blender: discussion
Blender: news: Blender 2.02
B@rt's Blender Corner
Blender: tutorial: The Blender Game Engine
Blender: tutorial
Tutorial's corner
Blender: discussion
Blender: discussion
Welcome to Michael's Blender Website!


Hack Your ePods Internet Appliance
I-Appliance BBS - Dead ePODS?
I-Appliance BBS - I did it!! Shell, desktop icons, working IE !!
Plycon Computers
MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier
USB Mini Office Pro
I-Appliance BBS - Some software that still won't work...
Epods Software List
I-Appliance BBS - Epod availability?

Maps Show Map
An Atlas of Cyberspaces- Historical Maps
Internet Mapping Project
The Interverse Project
netViz -- tools for network drawing and information mapping
Slashdot | 3D Computer Network Maps



Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
Linux Online - Documentation
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online - Your source for News, Reviews & How-Tos!

Articles: A Do-It-Yourself Embedded Linux Box
EmperorLinux Ultra-Portable Linux Laptops & Notebooks
Slashdot | Ask Jon And Jay About Bastille Linux
( ximian / evolution )
Michael Holve - Everything Linux
Michael Holve - Everything Linux - Using a PalmPilot With Linux
Kernel Traffic #35
NewsForge | Linux 'Supercomputer on a CD'
Slashdot | GNU/Linux On The Prowl: PocketLinux
Linux to WinCE -- Put some Linux in your hand -- iPAQ H3600 Pictures
PocketLinux - Downloads
Installing on MIPS based machines
PocketLinux Developers Guide v1.0
GNU/Linux on SuperH - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text

Suse Re: AMD K7(Athlon) With SUSE 6.2 GPF0
SDB: Installation on hard disk drives fails using Promise Ultra100-Controller on Motherboard Asus A7V
SDB: Installation with a RAID controller
SDB: SuSE Linux installation on an Athlon-system
SDB: Installation with a RAID controller Re: ABIT KT7Raid
HighPoint Technologies-storage management solutions-IDE-RAID
Linux-Hardware Digest #781
The Software-RAID HOWTO


mcmogatk - Art on the Net 2000
Eames Office
Museums of Los Angeles, CA
The 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition
Google Search: marcos novak
Linuxartist-A Resource for Artists Using Linux
V2_Organisation, Institute for the Unstable Media home
Nerve Center Homepages - Powered by Homestead
Room 112
Jamie Griffiths Images Gallery
Richard Kern Photography
Eric Barao: Photography Portfolio
:: Rat Press: Naked Pictures of My Ex-Girlfriends (a Book by Mark Helfrich) ::
CelebrityNet - A High Quality Archive Of Nude Celebrities :: The Home of Blacksheep Scans
Seven supermodels Greek Women On-Line.
The many faces of: Sibyl Buck.
Sibyl's Newest Home Page
The Peter Buck Family Page
isometric screenshots
Literotica - 100% free sex stories, erotic audio, adult fiction with incest, wifeslut, bdsm, etc!

Shows & Grants

The Durfee Foundation | 2001 ARC Program
2000 4th.Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival



VRML 2.0 World Saver Plugin for LightWave3D
VRML Galleries and Worlds
VRML Extensions - Cortona VRML Client - Products - ParallelGraphics (a 3D VRML company) Re: vrml outdate?
[ k a h l a . g . e . ] - v r m l 4 l i n u x -
VRML on the Macintosh
Examples - Internet Scene Assembler - Products - ParallelGraphics (a 3D VRML company)

Animation Factory 3D Workshop - FREE seamless textures, 2 new retail quality seamless textures everyday...
Slashdot | Machinima On The Horizon
Virtual Reality Archive
Welcome to Virtools
SourceForge: Project Info - Linux VR
Web3D CONSORTIUM | Resources
:: 3Dgate homepage, your source for tutorials, reviews, and hot news ::
b3d Home
BBC Online - The Garden
Planet 9 Studios - Number One in Online 3D
Virtue: 3D solutions for E-commerce
3D Spatial Models of Great Buildings - Great Buildings Online
3Dsia Virtual Reality Shell
3Dwm | The Three-Dimensional Window Manager
Tips & Troubleshooting
VIS-SIM.ORG - The Visual Simulation Portal
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Virtual Reality
3D CAFE FREE Models, Tutorials, Textures, Software, Plugins, Web Tools
3D Tutorials
3D Artists
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Internet/ WWW/ VRML
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Virtual Reality/ Research Projects :
Virtual Reality: Visualizing World Problems, Organizations, Values
Virtual Worlds at UVA
e3D - The Changing Face of the Web base 64 image imbedding follow up
article NYSE
Slashdot | 3D GUI Project
Infinite Fish: Seamless Textures


Entropia - The Digital Biology Project
The Golem Project - Evolutionary Design
[fm] distributed artificial life
Welcome to Gridware Software


The Pharmakon
Links to Jacques Derrida
Literary and Critical Theory: Individual Theorists
Pie Menus
Slashdot | Why Do GUI's Look the Same?
A Taxonomy of See-Through Tools
Let's Make Unix Not Suck
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope
Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery: The Chip Shots Collection
Molecular Expressions: Chip Shots - IBM Integrated Circuits - 486 SLC2
Molecular Expressions: Chip Shots - IBM Integrated Circuits - Blue Lightning
E2K microprocessor presentation
Slashdot | Interactive TV - Who Uses it? Who Develops It? - Election 2000 - Results
Slashdot | What's The Best Cell Phone Calling Plan?
City of Bits
The future according to Dennis Ritchie

eCommerce - Find the best bargains, coupons, and deals on Computer Hardware, Software, and Electronics.
Surplus and Clearance of Computer Products
Computer Surplus Outlet - Your Liquidator of Today's and Yesterday's Computer Products
ThinkGeek :: Posters
Good Vibrations
Casio PA-2400U-CF Internet Ready Personal Digital Tablet<br>w/ 56K, Windows CE<br>(Save $50 this week)
sharp PV-6000 - Welcome
The Linux Store

Project Hardware

ZDNet: Enterprise: Building a low-cost router appliance with Embedded Linux
Acer NT-150 Set-top Box Internals
Join the Virgin Web Player Co-Op
I-Appliance BBS
l a r w e . c o m - Inside the Virgin Webplayer
I-Appliance BBS
Dreamcast Programming - Software
eBay item 1210295777 (Ends Jan-30-01 07:37:15 PST) - Iopener Hackers: MP3 TV Tuner Linux Boxes
Jules Dreamcast Development Site


Jamie Zawinski
jwz's bookmarks table of contents / site map


GollyGee Software, Inc.
[fm] muse - multiple streaming engine 0.2
Aileron Email Client
[fm] kdem
[fm] content of x11/afterstep applets
:: - Themes ::
BlurScope MAX
Welcome to
Tom's Hardware Guide: Digital Video Guide - MPEG-4 - Copying a DVD Video to CD-ROM
FlasK MPEG Home Page
[fm] distmp3
Untitled Document
Project Mayo: Confidential
DivX ;-)
Swift-Tools - Shockwave Flash File Format (SWF) Information Center
Welcome to LinuxApps - If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !!
Behemot Graphics Editor
the Reptile Labour Project
[ f l o w ]
IBM Research Visualization Data Explorer - Home
Linux Online - App: Blur Scope MAX
Linux Online - App: CD Jukebox
Linux Online - App: GNU Maverik
IsReal: A picture analysis tool
Linux Online - App: imgvtopgm
NextGen Player Page
Yahoo! Computers and Internet > Communications and Networking > Software > Unix Utilities > Ssh (Secure Shell)
[fmII] - Project details for VNCAudio


Frank Siegerts Download/Link Area on This.Net
Connecting stereo glasses to SGI workstations Re: OpenStep On Intel m68k mp3 player available, Re: Al the MP3 s are here
MacSlash | Looking for *NIX insight to Mac OS X
AppleCare Tech Info Library -NeXTSTEP Driver Compatibility Guide
AppleCare Tech Info Library -OPENSTEP 4.x Driver: Adaptec 2940 and 7870 SCSI
SGI - Services & Support: Software Licensing: Free Licenses
OS4.2 on the DELL I5K
Solaris[tm] Intel Spotlight
Solaris[tm] Product Line: Solaris[tm] 8 Free Binary License Program
BeOS-based MP3 stereo
Be in your Stereo
Slashdot | Inferno Plugin for IE - An OS in Your Browser
Gobe Software - Products
Athena Operating System
BeBits - Category - BeBits/System Files/Drivers
Slashdot | Linux -- Without Unix
Xtools for Mac OS X Pre-Beta Download
Slashdot | MacOSX and XFree86 run side by side
Main Index
No Title

Handhelds -- Projects
Greg Haerr's Microwindows and NanoGUI Page
Debian/ARM on the iPAQ mini-HOWTO
CEcity: Hardware: HPC: One
Windows CE Software - Home Page
TUCOWS - software, music, themes and games download sites
HandHeld Speech Applications
HandHeld Speech Applications
ARTrecognition for Palm-size PCs
I-Appliance BBS - 440 mb PCMCIA Type 2 cards
I-Appliance BBS - Linux on the Epod
Welcome to eZEX
Aero 8000 - Compaq Announces New Aero¨ 8000, World's Most Secure, Mobile and Easy to Use Handheld PC Pro - Thin Clients - Product Specifications - Aero 8000 H/PC Pro - Support - Compaq Aero 8000 H/PC Pro - Quick Reference Guide: Aero 8000 H/PC Pro Series Re: Aero 8000 Nic's and its Internal flash Card.
Agenda Linux - Your Portable PC
Compaq Personal Server Project
Welcome to Agenda Linux --- Terms and Conditions
Your Home Expert - Honeywell's Webpad

Clothing Opt.

RecNude Site Report FAQs: Deep Creek Hot Springs
Southern California Clothing Optional
Deep Creek Hot Springs, Apple Valley, California - San Bernardino National Forest
SFBG | Nude Beaches '99 | 1999 Skinnies
RecNude Site Report FAQs: San Onofre State Beach
Nude Beach - California


AnandTech Review: Matrox Millennium G450 Under Linux Re: Recommended Intel Hardware? FS: Lots of NeXT Stuff
Black Hole, Incorporated. - Top Shelf Intel 350Mhz, 400Mhz, 450Mhz, 500Hz, 550Mhz Pentium II & III Internet Presentation Workstations - The #1 Source for Athlon Reviews and Information
TweakTown Free computer hardware and peripherals
Slashdot:Ask Slashdot: Wooden Chasis and EMF
Slashdot | Articles | Build Your Own StrongARM Linux Computer
Panoram Technologies | PV290 DSK
Panoram Technologies | PV230 DSK
eWanted - Computers
AnandTech Review: AMD's 760 Chipset: DDR for the Athlon is here
Slashdot | PCI Card Lets You Watch HDTV (And Save To Disk)
3D Projection Without the Glasses
Tom's Hardware Guide: Graphics Guide - NVIDIA 3D Under Linux
The Tech Report - The art of building an Athlon system - Page 1
The Tech Report - Landware GoType and Targus Stowaway - Page 1
TDK to kick off Multilevel Recording technology
Other Places
Siamese Home Page


United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
Silicon Alley Jobs from @NY -- Employment Opportunities in the New York-area Internet Business
ThinkPad Mailing-List Archive
HotLinks Guide - The Higher Quality Web Directory
SunHELP - help with everything under the sun
Welcome to Gracenote Browse Forums
Perl::Flash - Demos
Welcome to Paul's HTML version of the ThinkPad Assistant - UPDATED - The Dot-com Deadpool
Kilometer/Mile Distance Converter
TURN.ORG - The Utilities Reform Network
The Perl Journal
Ted Nelson Home Page
NSI - WHOIS Lookup
Stop Spam FAQ
UXN Spam Combat
GNUPedia Project - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Welcome to Mutopia
KaleCo Auto Navigation
Welcome to || technology and culture, from the trenches
Privacy Analysis of your Internet Connection -- Online Privacy Services
SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
Tom's Hardware Guide
LinuxHacker: Main Page
SYSTRAN - Translation Technologies, Language Translator, Online dictionary, Translate English
BountyQuest -- Main Page
Macromedia Flash- Scripting with the Flash Player: Flash Methods
Nupedia, the open content encyclopedia


Slashdot | Visual Analysis Of Mp3 Encoders
computer music programs . macintosh

Old Pages


IEEE-USA UCITA Grassroots Network

eBay Listings: Hardware
eBay: Computers
eBay Listings : PDAs
"Accurate Power Solutions" Suppliers of Uninterruptible power supplies UPS Transformers & Generator sets. New & Preowned. - Books - Jane Jacobs still helping to shape cities - November 23, 2000
How to install Norton AntiVirus 2001 in Safe mode
Larry Pino,CEO of Dynetech Corporation.


Adobe Type Library - Adobe Euro Font | Find Projects
Red Gypsy Animation
UrbanComp.Com Computer Hardware @ Wholesale Prices.
Media-BOX Homepage
moock>> web>> flash
osOpinion: Tech Opinion commentary for the people, by the people.
Pure Electronica Haven @
Linux version
Recent Changes and NetBSD News
The JavaScript Source: Messages: Zen Phrases
12.1" Analog 16.7M Color TFT LCD Kit
Adaptec Driver: Installation Instructions for SuSE 7.0 Driver Detail
No Title
OS4.2 on the DELL I5K
Slashdot | Didn't Get That Linux Laptop for Xmas?
tpctl homepage
Linux on the Thinkpad 560E
linux 2.0.34 (red hat 5.1) on an ibm thinkpad 560x
Linux on an IBM ThinkPad 560Z
Sven Utcke's Linux on the 701 page (16-Jan-2001)
Craig's IBM Butterfly page
Welcome to Agaté Technologies - Hot Technologies, Cool Solutions!
ShopIBM - 8MB USB Memory Key
Trek ThumbDrive - World's Smallest
DataPlay - What's Playing On DataPlay
Momentum builds for open-source processors
Hardware: Young, Sophisticated Net Users Find TV Expendable
Documentation: JavaScript
Windows CE Informationsforum
Utopiasoft Homepage
Hitachi Eplate
Linux Router Project
Slashdot | Dreamcast Could Pick Up Inferno And Plan 9 - Thousands of Products at Great Prices! : Marketplace
Using a large disk in an older ThinkPad  I
osOpinion: Tech Opinion commentary for the people, by the people.
eBay item 1212150457 (Ends Feb-09-01 14:06:08 PST) - IBM TP 560E (2640-40U) - P133/16/2.1
The PEAK NeXTStep Archive: Applications
mpg123, Fast MP3 Player for Linux and UNIX systems
Sound and Music Programs for NextStep || Linux Box as Digital VCR: A success Story
Flexion.Org Forums
Project info for berlin
Berlin -- Home
AtheOS - free alternate operating system
Frank Siegerts Project Page on This.Net
HC-7000 Handheld PC2
Nova Scotia NeXT Society
NeXTSTEP 3.3 for Intel Mach
Hack Your ePods Internet Appliance
Welcome to Belkin
Slashdot | Making The Case For Open Groupware
Slashdot | IBM Releases GPLd WinModem Support For Linux
Reverse-Engineering The Creative Nomad Jukebox
Welcome to the ALPINE Network
LiViD - The Linux Video Project
Slashdot | Play DVDs On Linux
eBay item 1214973107 (Ends Feb-21-01 21:34:23 PST) - 32Mb Memory For ThinkPad 560/365/760 Forums - New offical KT7WZ bios released
Paul's Unofficial ABIT KT7 Motherboard FAQ
BT-948 (Narrow)
The Minicomputer Orphanage
Rick Prelinger
Internet Archive: In the Collections
Other World Computing- Item Info
Price Watch ® - Street Price Search Engine
Fibre Channel
eBay item 1214796824 (Ends Feb-21-01 07:59:06 PST) - QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter Kit QLA2000
Articles: GNOME 1.4 Beta 1 Is Out
Employer Rights in Employee Inventions
eBay item 1215571581 (Ends Feb-24-01 14:56:02 PST) - Diagram for NEXTSTEP NeXT Station & Cube
JPG Image 1024x768 pixels
dealnews. Hand-picked bargains.
eBay item 1215572634 (Ends Feb-24-01 14:56:59 PST) - Fatted Calf CD for NeXTSTEP NeXT
eBay item 1215575036 (Ends Feb-24-01 15:07:05 PST) - Nebula for NeXT NEXTSTEP July 1996 Disc 1
eBay item 1215585087 (Ends Feb-24-01 15:51:06 PST) - "Sex, Lies & CD ROM" for NeXT NeXTSTEP
Laptop Batteries & Chargers
Slashdot | Fibre Channel For The Masses
Global File System
Fibre Channel
QLogic's QLA2100 - 64-Bit PCI-to-Fibre Channel Adapter<
Fibre Channel on a PC
Get QNX Realtime Platform
Slashdot | NetBSD on StrongARM Handhelds
I-Appliance BBS - Note-Taking Program for ePods?
eBay View About Me for
WhoWhere? Phone Numbers & Addresses
d>art 01 conditions of entry
Welcome to the WildTangent Web Site
eBay item 1215977803 (Ends Feb-25-01 21:12:13 PST) - IBM Thinkpad 560E Series Restore CD - NR
Q284943 - How to Create a Windows 95 Startup Disk in MS-DOS
Google Search:
Herne Data Systems Ltd. - MAXI Disk Product Info
Google Search:
Google Search: openstep laptop : Amateur Physics for the Amateur Pool Player
FIRETRUCKSdotCOM - The on-line souce for firetrucks, and firetruck news and information
JPG Image 401x658 pixels
Monster Truck Racing pictures, event & show coverage plus driver and racing news - FROM TRUCKWORLD ONLINE!™
Slashdot | New Coalition Formed to Fight UCITA
Slashdot | The DeCSS Haiku
MorphOS Home Page || technology and culture, from the trenches
Computer Geeks-Welcome!!
eBay item 1218314455 (Ends Mar-04-01 23:11:23 PST) - IBM ThinkPad 560 600 770 Floppy Drive Cable
Wearable Internet Appliance
Slashdot | Creating A Tiny, Free, Roaming Webcam?
The LinuxBIOS Home Page
ABIT BIOS Download
eBay item 1218461029 (Ends Mar-05-01 16:24:29 PST) - IBM Thinkpad 560Z
CIA Turns to Data Mining
:: - Your Source For All That Is 3D ::
DSK - The Dvorak Standard Keyboard
How To Write Unmaintainable Code
Build your own 1U, half-width Internet server
The Unofficial Big Bopper Web Site - Mainpage
Slashdot | Creation: Life And How to Make It
Seattle Earthquake
SGI Technical Advice and Information...
Slashdot | Illegal Prime Number Unzips to DeCSS
Prime Curios!: 48565...29443 (1401-digits)
Wearable Computers
eBay item 1223485398 (Ends Mar-26-01 17:32:09 PST) - Compaq IPAQ PC - Celeron 500mhz, 128mb RAM
K12Linux in Schools Project - Home Page - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text
Linux Terminal Server Project
Slashdot | GNUstep On LinuxFocus
The Omni Group
Photogenics eStore
Linux Software Encyclopedia
The Squid - Nude Supermodels
Free Nude Supermodels At The Supermodel Temple. Naked, nude and non nude supermodel pictures.
Type Euphoria - 1000+ Free Fonts
The NEXTSTEP/OpenStep FAQ -- Contents
The Top Model Directory
I-Appliance BBS - NEW "Internet Appliance Flea Market" mailing list!
:: - Screenshots ::
:: - Themes ::
eBay Seller List: babyjake11
Rolling Thunder - Scans by MODA
Google Search: suse & kt7*
Google Search: suse & kt7*
Google Search: suse & kt7*
Google Search: suse & kt7*
Installing Windows 95 on the ThinkPad 730
CMU Sphinx: Open Source Speech Recognition
Sun SPARCStation Voyager® FAQ
Unix Workstation Database
Slashdot | Open Source, GIS and Data Visualization?
Maps of Networks: Antarctica's ASP technology for intranets, extranets, the web
Maps of Networks: Antarctica's ASP technology for intranets, extranets, the web
From Hot Concept to Hot Site in Eight Days (Web Techniques, May 2001)
Virtual Silicon Valley
welcome to the Virtual Terrain Project
The Digital Earth
Digital Cartography With Drawmap
Welcome to the Official GRASS GIS Homepage - United States Headquarters
Open GIS Consortium Home Page
planet-earth - The Interactive Outdoor Guide
Karte Map Georeferencing Application
Free Speech Movement: Student Protest - U.C. Berkeley, 1964-65
Panasonic Toughbook
I-Appliance BBS - New Website: ePods vs. Panasonic CF-01
I-Appliance BBS
Google Search: printer apple next
Google Search: printer mac
Google Search:
Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts - Tell me more about NeXTstep fonts
Printing with Samba
E-Print Archive Help (pscm)
Netinfo Printing
permissions in an age of enlightened inspection
6GB Fujitsu Laptop Hard Drive - MHM2060AT 9.5mm The Ultimate CPAN Search The Ultimate CPAN Search The Ultimate CPAN Search
PHP: Manual: PHP Manual
[fmII] - Project details for Mp3toMySQL
[fmII] - Project details for PHPMyEdit
phpWizard - Building Dynamic Websites with PHP
Computer Hardware & Technology News, Views, Reviews, Evaluations and Analyses
eBay item 1232756618 (Ends Apr-30-01 22:49:30 PDT) - Gemini C1 Video Card for NeXT monitors etc
fixed frequency video card Gemini 3D for fixed frequency monitors
Horsehead Nebula Images and Display
EFF Open Audio License v1.0 (Apr. 21, 2001)
eBay item 1232944475 (Ends Apr-27-01 17:44:24 PDT) - IBM Thinkpad 560 Port Replicator
Welcome to SPE!---Sony Pictures Entertainment
Southern California Clothing Optional
PowerArchiver - The Ultimate Freeware Archiving Utility
Files -
Point of View
Forms in HTML documents
Attributes form
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Working with forms
PHP Quick Reference
PHP: PHP Manual Quick Reference
PHP: Frequently Asked Questions
PHP: Manual: PHP Manual
PHP: Manual: Ming functions for Flash
PHP: Links
The Empire That Was Russia: The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated (A Library of Congress Exhibition)
PHP: Manual: Cookies - Advanced laptop computers direct from Japan