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gameBlender - Getting Rid of the Pink!
gameBlender - Animated UV Texturing
Blender Tutorial Index
gameBlender - Opening Doors
gameBlender 3rd Person Camera Basics
Another Blender Contest from tHe-IcemAn
Blender: tutorial: Controlling a Dynamic Object
gameBlender - Opening Doors
gameBlender 3rd Person Camera Basics
Blender: discussion
Blender: discussion
Blender: news: Blender 2.02
B@rt's Blender Corner
Blender: tutorial: The Blender Game Engine
Blender: tutorial
Tutorial's corner
Blender: discussion
Blender: discussion
Welcome to Michael's Blender Website!


Hack Your ePods Internet Appliance
I-Appliance BBS - Dead ePODS?
I-Appliance BBS - I did it!! Shell, desktop icons, working IE !!
Plycon Computers
MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier
USB Mini Office Pro
I-Appliance BBS - Some software that still won't work...
Epods Software List
I-Appliance BBS - Epod availability?

Maps Show Map
An Atlas of Cyberspaces- Historical Maps
Internet Mapping Project
The Interverse Project
netViz -- tools for network drawing and information mapping
Slashdot | 3D Computer Network Maps



Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
Linux Online - Documentation
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online - Your source for News, Reviews & How-Tos!

Articles: A Do-It-Yourself Embedded Linux Box
EmperorLinux Ultra-Portable Linux Laptops & Notebooks
Slashdot | Ask Jon And Jay About Bastille Linux
( ximian / evolution )
Michael Holve - Everything Linux
Michael Holve - Everything Linux - Using a PalmPilot With Linux
Kernel Traffic #35
NewsForge | Linux 'Supercomputer on a CD'
Slashdot | GNU/Linux On The Prowl: PocketLinux
Linux to WinCE -- Put some Linux in your hand -- iPAQ H3600 Pictures
PocketLinux - Downloads
Installing on MIPS based machines
PocketLinux Developers Guide v1.0
GNU/Linux on SuperH - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text

Suse Re: AMD K7(Athlon) With SUSE 6.2 GPF0
SDB: Installation on hard disk drives fails using Promise Ultra100-Controller on Motherboard Asus A7V
SDB: Installation with a RAID controller
SDB: SuSE Linux installation on an Athlon-system
SDB: Installation with a RAID controller Re: ABIT KT7Raid
HighPoint Technologies-storage management solutions-IDE-RAID
Linux-Hardware Digest #781
The Software-RAID HOWTO


mcmogatk - Art on the Net 2000
Eames Office
Museums of Los Angeles, CA
The 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition
Google Search: marcos novak
Linuxartist-A Resource for Artists Using Linux
V2_Organisation, Institute for the Unstable Media home
Nerve Center Homepages - Powered by Homestead
Room 112
Jamie Griffiths Images Gallery
Richard Kern Photography
Eric Barao: Photography Portfolio
:: Rat Press: Naked Pictures of My Ex-Girlfriends (a Book by Mark Helfrich) ::
Amateur Erotica - free erotic stories - free sex pics - and reviews
CelebrityNet - A High Quality Archive Of Nude Celebrities :: The Home of Blacksheep Scans
Seven supermodels Greek Women On-Line.
The many faces of: Sibyl Buck.
Sibyl's Newest Home Page
The Peter Buck Family Page
isometric screenshots
Literotica - 100% free sex stories, erotic audio, adult fiction with incest, wifeslut, bdsm, etc!

Shows & Grants

The Durfee Foundation | 2001 ARC Program
2000 4th.Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival



VRML 2.0 World Saver Plugin for LightWave3D
VRML Galleries and Worlds
VRML Extensions - Cortona VRML Client - Products - ParallelGraphics (a 3D VRML company) Re: vrml outdate?
[ k a h l a . g . e . ] - v r m l 4 l i n u x -
VRML on the Macintosh
Examples - Internet Scene Assembler - Products - ParallelGraphics (a 3D VRML company)

Animation Factory 3D Workshop - FREE seamless textures, 2 new retail quality seamless textures everyday...
Slashdot | Machinima On The Horizon
Virtual Reality Archive
Welcome to Virtools
SourceForge: Project Info - Linux VR
Web3D CONSORTIUM | Resources
:: 3Dgate homepage, your source for tutorials, reviews, and hot news ::
b3d Home
BBC Online - The Garden
Planet 9 Studios - Number One in Online 3D
Virtue: 3D solutions for E-commerce
3D Spatial Models of Great Buildings - Great Buildings Online
3Dsia Virtual Reality Shell
3Dwm | The Three-Dimensional Window Manager
Tips & Troubleshooting
VIS-SIM.ORG - The Visual Simulation Portal
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Virtual Reality
3D CAFE FREE Models, Tutorials, Textures, Software, Plugins, Web Tools
3D Tutorials
3D Artists
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Internet/ WWW/ VRML
HotBot Directory/ Computers/ Virtual Reality/ Research Projects :
Virtual Reality: Visualizing World Problems, Organizations, Values
Virtual Worlds at UVA
e3D - The Changing Face of the Web base 64 image imbedding follow up
article NYSE
Slashdot | 3D GUI Project
Infinite Fish: Seamless Textures


Entropia - The Digital Biology Project
The Golem Project - Evolutionary Design
[fm] distributed artificial life
Welcome to Gridware Software


The Pharmakon
Links to Jacques Derrida
Literary and Critical Theory: Individual Theorists
Pie Menus
Slashdot | Why Do GUI's Look the Same?
A Taxonomy of See-Through Tools
Let's Make Unix Not Suck
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope
Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery: The Chip Shots Collection
Molecular Expressions: Chip Shots - IBM Integrated Circuits - 486 SLC2
Molecular Expressions: Chip Shots - IBM Integrated Circuits - Blue Lightning
E2K microprocessor presentation
Slashdot | Interactive TV - Who Uses it? Who Develops It? - Election 2000 - Results
Slashdot | What's The Best Cell Phone Calling Plan?
City of Bits
The future according to Dennis Ritchie

eCommerce - Find the best bargains, coupons, and deals on Computer Hardware, Software, and Electronics.
Surplus and Clearance of Computer Products
Computer Surplus Outlet - Your Liquidator of Today's and Yesterday's Computer Products
ThinkGeek :: Posters
Good Vibrations
Casio PA-2400U-CF Internet Ready Personal Digital Tablet<br>w/ 56K, Windows CE<br>(Save $50 this week)
sharp PV-6000 - Welcome
The Linux Store

Project Hardware

ZDNet: Enterprise: Building a low-cost router appliance with Embedded Linux
Acer NT-150 Set-top Box Internals
Join the Virgin Web Player Co-Op
I-Appliance BBS
l a r w e . c o m - Inside the Virgin Webplayer
I-Appliance BBS
Dreamcast Programming - Software
eBay item 1210295777 (Ends Jan-30-01 07:37:15 PST) - Iopener Hackers: MP3 TV Tuner Linux Boxes
Jules Dreamcast Development Site


Jamie Zawinski
jwz's bookmarks table of contents / site map


GollyGee Software, Inc.
[fm] muse - multiple streaming engine 0.2
Aileron Email Client
[fm] kdem
[fm] content of x11/afterstep applets
:: - Themes ::
BlurScope MAX
Welcome to
Tom's Hardware Guide: Digital Video Guide - MPEG-4 - Copying a DVD Video to CD-ROM
FlasK MPEG Home Page
[fm] distmp3
Untitled Document
Project Mayo: Confidential
DivX ;-)
Swift-Tools - Shockwave Flash File Format (SWF) Information Center
Welcome to LinuxApps - If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !!
Behemot Graphics Editor
the Reptile Labour Project
[ f l o w ]
IBM Research Visualization Data Explorer - Home
Linux Online - App: Blur Scope MAX
Linux Online - App: CD Jukebox
Linux Online - App: GNU Maverik
IsReal: A picture analysis tool
Linux Online - App: imgvtopgm
NextGen Player Page
Yahoo! Computers and Internet > Communications and Networking > Software > Unix Utilities > Ssh (Secure Shell)
[fmII] - Project details for VNCAudio


Frank Siegerts Download/Link Area on This.Net
Connecting stereo glasses to SGI workstations Re: OpenStep On Intel m68k mp3 player available, Re: Al the MP3 s are here
MacSlash | Looking for *NIX insight to Mac OS X
AppleCare Tech Info Library -NeXTSTEP Driver Compatibility Guide
AppleCare Tech Info Library -OPENSTEP 4.x Driver: Adaptec 2940 and 7870 SCSI
SGI - Services & Support: Software Licensing: Free Licenses
OS4.2 on the DELL I5K
Solaris[tm] Intel Spotlight
Solaris[tm] Product Line: Solaris[tm] 8 Free Binary License Program
BeOS-based MP3 stereo
Be in your Stereo
Slashdot | Inferno Plugin for IE - An OS in Your Browser
Gobe Software - Products
Athena Operating System
BeBits - Category - BeBits/System Files/Drivers
Slashdot | Linux -- Without Unix
Xtools for Mac OS X Pre-Beta Download
Slashdot | MacOSX and XFree86 run side by side
Main Index
No Title

Handhelds -- Projects
Greg Haerr's Microwindows and NanoGUI Page
Debian/ARM on the iPAQ mini-HOWTO
CEcity: Hardware: HPC: One
Windows CE Software - Home Page
TUCOWS - software, music, themes and games download sites
HandHeld Speech Applications
HandHeld Speech Applications
ARTrecognition for Palm-size PCs
I-Appliance BBS - 440 mb PCMCIA Type 2 cards
I-Appliance BBS - Linux on the Epod
Welcome to eZEX
Aero 8000 - Compaq Announces New Aero¨ 8000, World's Most Secure, Mobile and Easy to Use Handheld PC Pro - Thin Clients - Product Specifications - Aero 8000 H/PC Pro - Support - Compaq Aero 8000 H/PC Pro - Quick Reference Guide: Aero 8000 H/PC Pro Series Re: Aero 8000 Nic's and its Internal flash Card.
Agenda Linux - Your Portable PC
Compaq Personal Server Project
Welcome to Agenda Linux --- Terms and Conditions
Your Home Expert - Honeywell's Webpad

Clothing Opt.

RecNude Site Report FAQs: Deep Creek Hot Springs
Southern California Clothing Optional
Deep Creek Hot Springs, Apple Valley, California - San Bernardino National Forest
SFBG | Nude Beaches '99 | 1999 Skinnies
RecNude Site Report FAQs: San Onofre State Beach
Nude Beach - California


AnandTech Review: Matrox Millennium G450 Under Linux Re: Recommended Intel Hardware? FS: Lots of NeXT Stuff
Black Hole, Incorporated. - Top Shelf Intel 350Mhz, 400Mhz, 450Mhz, 500Hz, 550Mhz Pentium II & III Internet Presentation Workstations - The #1 Source for Athlon Reviews and Information
TweakTown Free computer hardware and peripherals
Slashdot:Ask Slashdot: Wooden Chasis and EMF
Slashdot | Articles | Build Your Own StrongARM Linux Computer
Panoram Technologies | PV290 DSK
Panoram Technologies | PV230 DSK
eWanted - Computers
AnandTech Review: AMD's 760 Chipset: DDR for the Athlon is here
Slashdot | PCI Card Lets You Watch HDTV (And Save To Disk)
3D Projection Without the Glasses
Tom's Hardware Guide: Graphics Guide - NVIDIA 3D Under Linux
The Tech Report - The art of building an Athlon system - Page 1
The Tech Report - Landware GoType and Targus Stowaway - Page 1
TDK to kick off Multilevel Recording technology
Other Places
Siamese Home Page


United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
Silicon Alley Jobs from @NY -- Employment Opportunities in the New York-area Internet Business
ThinkPad Mailing-List Archive
HotLinks Guide - The Higher Quality Web Directory
SunHELP - help with everything under the sun
Welcome to Gracenote Browse Forums
Perl::Flash - Demos
Welcome to Paul's HTML version of the ThinkPad Assistant - UPDATED - The Dot-com Deadpool
Kilometer/Mile Distance Converter
TURN.ORG - The Utilities Reform Network
The Perl Journal
Ted Nelson Home Page
NSI - WHOIS Lookup
Stop Spam FAQ
UXN Spam Combat
GNUPedia Project - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Welcome to Mutopia
KaleCo Auto Navigation
Welcome to || technology and culture, from the trenches
Privacy Analysis of your Internet Connection -- Online Privacy Services
SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
Tom's Hardware Guide
LinuxHacker: Main Page
SYSTRAN - Translation Technologies, Language Translator, Online dictionary, Translate English
BountyQuest -- Main Page
Macromedia Flash- Scripting with the Flash Player: Flash Methods
Nupedia, the open content encyclopedia


Slashdot | Visual Analysis Of Mp3 Encoders
computer music programs . macintosh

Old Pages


IEEE-USA UCITA Grassroots Network

eBay Listings: Hardware
eBay: Computers
eBay Listings : PDAs
"Accurate Power Solutions" Suppliers of Uninterruptible power supplies UPS Transformers & Generator sets. New & Preowned. - Books - Jane Jacobs still helping to shape cities - November 23, 2000
How to install Norton AntiVirus 2001 in Safe mode
Larry Pino,CEO of Dynetech Corporation.


Adobe Type Library - Adobe Euro Font | Find Projects
Red Gypsy Animation
UrbanComp.Com Computer Hardware @ Wholesale Prices.
Media-BOX Homepage
moock>> web>> flash
osOpinion: Tech Opinion commentary for the people, by the people.
Pure Electronica Haven @
Linux version
Recent Changes and NetBSD News